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What's YOUR Change Management IQ?

Ok, so there's no such thing as an IQ score when it comes to change management! But did you know that employers rate your ability to manage change and your job skills equally?

Why? Well, death and taxes are no longer the only certainties in life. Today change is constant - in our lives and in the organizations we work for.

Welcome to!

This site is full of free tools and information created to help you
be an effective leader of change in the workplace, and in your personal life.

Change happens faster than before and we are all expected to keep up.

Personal change, organizational change, or leading the management of change need specific skills. And that's where your EQ or emotional intelligence can help!

As an executive coach and licensed psychologist I work with people daily to create change. My passion is ensuring that people understand and manage change effectively and positively.

In my experience I've learned one thing. People are not as predictable as machines - (okay, I've learned a few other things too!).

You can constantly change and update a system or procedure and it will continue to work and be more efficient. Do the same to people and you'll have a mutiny.

Unless you understand Change Management.

It's people and relationships that make up organizations - not buildings or systems. And most of us don't like being forced out of our comfort zones.

I will show you how managing change can be easy, fun, and very successful.

Imagine dealing with your change in a way that motivates you and those around you? That leaves you, your organization, or your family feeling stronger?

I know it can be done. And in these pages I'll show you how.


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