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By Mark Connelly       Updated: 22 March 2023

Mark Connelly

Hello, and thanks for visiting Change-Management-Coach.com.

My name is Mark Connelly and I live between Cape Town, South Africa, and Glasgow, Scotland, two of the world's most beautiful city's.

Every day I listen to people talking about change. Not the kind in your pocket, but the kind that really affects people.

I am a licensed counselling psychologist and certified life coach and have built my business around my passions for working in organisations and with private clients.

I'm fascinated by the ways in which people negotiate change. I'm passionate about meeting them where they're at and helping them to negotiate change in their lives in ways that are positive for them.

This might mean an individual session with someone who's decided they're tired of living with depression or another psychological barrier. Or perhaps life is not working as well as it used to and they need to find new ways of being.

Or it could mean meeting with a business that wants to start a change process or people who are affected by the way change has been implemented at work.

As you can tell my interest is in the people side of change. Yes, the systems are important, but raising awareness of the importance of the people side of change management, and equipping them to negotiate change effectively is where my passion lies.

I'm passionate about helping people negotiate change in ways that are inclusive and inspiring - leaving them motivated and keen to move forward. Currently I have four areas of knowledge that inform what I do and which I see as the cornerstones of my practice.

These areas are:

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Appreciative Inquiry, and
  • Co-active Coaching
Cape TownClassic Cape Town

My Practice

I'm currently based in South Africa and Scotland, and it's been an interesting journey to get to where I am today. Changing careers has been just one part of this. After leaving a career in television and film production, I returned to university to continue studying and left with a Masters degree in Psychology. I even had my research thesis on HIV and the media published!

I knew from my own life experience that I need diversity in my work to keep me interested. My first degree included industrial psychology so I set out to create a practice that includes individual therapy and work within organisations. And it's been an exciting journey since 2002.

Since then I've completed internationally accredited Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator training and have been certified as a Life Coach by Coaching Development, a UK based company.

Whether I'm working therapeutically in my office, coaching in a coffee shop or office, or meeting a group in their workplace, my emphasis is on learning and development rather than teaching or training.

This emphasis on the importance of personal growth directly affects my work which is always collaborative and focused on empowering you as the expert in your life.

You know the answers. My role is to help you discover them.

Why Change-Management-Coach.com?

Once I realised that everyone I meet professionally is negotiating change a website was a natural progression. I created Change-Management-Coach.com so that I could share as much of what I know with you without even meeting you.

Now don't get me wrong, I would be really honoured to meet you! But I realise that I would exhaust myself if I tried to meet with everyone.

So Change-Management-Coach.com is a great vehicle to share what I know. More than that the information on this site is free, and I plan to keep it that way.

I want to be able to refer clients to a great source of information and also know that others, such as yourself, can access the same information. Like all of us this website is constantly growing and developing.

I have always been interested in web site development and Change-Management-Coach.com gives me an ideal opportunity to learn more about this and add value to you at the same time. While the site supports my existing practice my intention is to develop it as an online business in it's own right.

Making A Business from a Website

I started this website with a dream that has become a goal. The goal is to use my expertise to build an online business that can support my family and allow us to make different decisions about our lifestyle. Visitors to my site often ask me how I can give away so much information and still make money.

Well, I've done it with the guidance of Site-Build-It (SBI). I've learned a lot about building an online business that allows me to give away the vast majority of what you see on the website and receive an income from various partnerships and affiliations. I believe it's a Win Win situation for visitors and myself and it's the way of business in the future.

Using the internet is an ideal way to share what I know with the world. SBI allows me to reach a much wider audience than I ever could living in the shadow of the Constantiaberg mountains in Cape Town, South Africa (that's it below - isn't it beautiful?).

Constantiaberg Cape Town

If you have a dream, or a passion, a business or a hobby it is possible to make it a successful online business.

This is the ultimate change story. Rather than chasing the next "Get Rich Quick" scheme, use the Internet to earn an honest income doing what you love. If you're interested you can follow more of my story here.

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Your Story

I am passionate about helping people grow and develop and I enjoy what I do. I sincerely hope that you are able to write your own success story and that you find inspiring ways to make the changes you need in your life. Change can be difficult but it's made easier with lots of support and many small steps.

Thanks for visiting Change-Management-Coach.com. I really do welcome your comments, questions or feedback. I'd love to know if the site has helped you, or how it can be improved to offer even more help.

Kind Regards

Mark Connelly

PS: I also offer marital counselling.

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