Rick Maurer

(Arlington, VA)

Rick Maurer is an adviser to leaders in large organizations. He is located in Arlington, VA.

His work addresses two fundamental questions: why do people support change? And, why do they resist it?

Leaders who can answer those questions often do a much better job at leading change successfully than those who can't.

Rick is author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance (1996 and revised in 2010). It is the go-to book for many who lead change as well as for many change management consultants.

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Since publication of that book, his opinion has been sought by NBC Nightly News, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today, and many other news sources.

He likes rolling up his sleeves and helping clients think through change management strategies. Although he does present keynotes for a wide variety of organizations, he generally only takes on a few consulting clients at a time.

His consulting work is a bit different from others. He does not come to your site and stay for months on end. The relationship is more personal and informal. He coaches, advises, educates. Through this process his clients get more skilled in leading their own changes. He believes that organizational changes need to be led by their leaders and not by outside consultants.

His clients range from aerospace, energy, chemicals, healthcare, defense, and many others. The theme that runs through all those types of organizations is their need to get people committed and engaged in major changes.

To learn more about Rick's work, you might visit www.rickmaurer.com or www.facebook.com/rickmaureronchange where you will find a lot of free resources about his unique approach to leading change. If you like what you see, please give him a call: 703 525-7074 (US) or send an e-mail rick(at)rickmaurer.com

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