Finding the Right Career

Many people struggle all their lives finding the right career. What makes the difference between people who get it right and those who continue struggling?


That's it. Really.

People are likely to plan a holiday in more detail than they'll ever plan their career.

If you're going on vacation I'll bet you spend a lot of time planning. You know where you're going and when. You know where you'll be staying and how much it will cost. If you're driving you'll plan the best route, calculate how much gas will cost.

But we seldom spend as much time choosing a career.

Many of us just put our thumbs out and take the first ride that looks interested in us!

Steps to finding the right career

In the past choosing a career was a job for professionals. You sat a test, and some dude in a suit told you what you should do.

These days a holistic approach to careers means that you actively participate in a complete analysis of your career and life situation. It goes way deeper than a test and can include coaching.

The value of a career that's right for you

Why is finding the right career so important?

  • In the process you learn about yourself and what you want
  • You'll be choosing a career that excites you
  • You'll use your skills and values to do something with real meaning
  • Increased confidence in your abilities
  • You're less likely to be unhappy and look for change
  • Higher productivity and increased opportunity for development
  • Increased satisfaction and happiness in life
  • You may even make more money!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success - Albert Schweitzer

Invest in yourself

There's no simple formula for finding the right career because the right career is different for every one of us.

If you're convinced that the right career is important for you then you need to invest time now in your future. It will pay back massively!

Discovering the right career happens when you find the best fit between a career and your skills, abilities, personality and values. To get this right you need to do three things:

  1. Discover your interests
  2. Research different careers, and
  3. Know yourself; your skills, abilities, personality and values.

You'll notice that discover your interests and research different careers come first. Doing it this way opens up possibilities to find the best career that would not be available if you only focused on your current skills.

Here's a guide to help you assess your interests and research different careers.

Use the valuable 4-part personal assessment below to start your journey to finding the right career.

Your Personal Assessment

True career happiness comes from taking the time to build self-knowledge. Changing careers and discovering the right career starts with defining your personality, skills, values and abilities.

Use this great 4-part assessment created to help you learn more about yourself. The four parts of your Personal Assessment are:

Start with the Basic Life Skills assessment and I'll guide you through the other assessments.

It's worth taking the time to complete each part because you can use your self-knowledge to help you choose a career, write your resume, complete job applications and prepare for job interviews.

What Now?

Your 4-part assessment took time and some thinking but the results will help you make the best choices.

There is one last task though.

Having all this wonderful self assessment information is useless unless you apply it.

Take some time to review your skills, abilities and personality type. Try to align these to careers you have already researched.

If you struggle to do this then start with your abilities and consider careers that naturally fit your abilities. Then align your skills with possible careers.

Next, consider your personality type and any recommendations you received and align this with the career possibilities.

Finally, consider your values. Which of the careers will allow you to live your values?

Don't forget to get a copy of the best selling What Color Is Your Parachute? if you are serious about choosing the right career. This book is updated every year and will give you up to date practical examples, instructions, and advice for choosing a career.

Finding the right career can be a confusing process. You might find yourself with a mind boggling array of skills, abilities, values, and a personality to match!

If following the process outlined on this page has left you feeling more confused a professional career counsellor or a life coach will be able to help you gain perspective.

Choosing a career, and more importantly finding the right career, is an essential process many people never take the time to do.

Completing this process places you ahead of your competition and ensures that you will achieve success and a degree of contentment in your career.

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