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Personal values are the principles, standards, morals, ethics and ideals that guide our lives. Discover your values using the values assessment on this page.

Awareness of values will guide your life decisions and ensure a good fit between you and your career.

Organisations like to ensure that your values and their culture suit each other. They benefit when you 'fit in' and are productive in your role and in the work environment. You benefit if you are happy at work.

It's essential to investigate a company's culture and values before taking a job that's offered to you. 

Aligning your values and career makes finding the right career a ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ experience. You are being honest about what's important to you instead of faking it.

I think of values as a compass that guides behavior. Your compass helps you make choices by serving as a decision-making frame of reference.

My personal values - let's go!

The career values cards will help you to quickly work out your values using a drag and drop process on your computer, laptop or iPad.

Discover your personal values

Click here to use the Career Values cards. Discover your personal values and how they affect your career.

There is a small cost to use these cards and they are designed to be used once. You will know what your values are and which are the most important to you.

DIY Values

The list of values below can help you discovering your values. Run through the values listed and write down a list of those that are really important to you.

wealthsecurityrespect for otherseducationcreativity
hopeconformingsocial recognitionauthorityreligion
pleasurepeacealtruism (care for others)participationhonesty
achievementfairnessdecisiveness? ?? ?

Which values are important for you and guide you in your life?

Are there any other values that are not in the list but you think are important to you? Add these to your list.

Want to print it out? Download this personal values worksheet and work with it when you're ready. It's free.

If you have a long list of values (more than 10) try and remove half of them, leaving you with a shorter list of high priority values.

Next, take your list and prioritise the top 3 values, and the top 5 values. Now you have a good idea of the values that are really important to you.

Take action, and spend some time noticing how you put these values into practice. Or choose two of those in your top 5, write them down, and focus on putting them into practice this week.

When you've finished the values assessment choose your next assessment from the list below:

  1. Basic Life Skills
  2. The Abilities and Aptitude test
  3. Discover your Values (this page)
  4. Personality profiles

I'm busy preparing your next assessment. See you there!

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